Secure Compound Password Generator

Version 1.23 Uses the SHA-2 512 bits hash algorithm, completely secure. "Old".
Version 1.33 Recomended!  Same as version 1.23, but using the SHA-3 (Keccak) 512 bits hash algorithm, more modern and also completely safe. "New".
Version 1.43 Identical to version 1.33, it only adds a field with an additional phrase to increase security.
Version 1.53 Similar to version 1.33, but more complex, involving hash SHA-3 (Keccak) and Whirlpool iterations.
Version 1.61 Similar to version 1.53, but more complex, adds the Mersenne-Twister pseudo random number generator.
Downloads Enter here and download the installer to have the Secure Compound Password Generator on your computer. So you can always use it, even when you're offline.
  WARNING: Remember to always use the same version of this algorithm, because each version results in different passwords for the same entries and settings. They are not compatible with each other.
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What is this?

Same password in different places?

It's a common and a terrible situation for all of us to remember many different passwords. As a result, most use 2 or 3, maybe up to 4 passwords for each diverse use.

Even worse if you use the same password for everything.

Moreover, if they are not so secure, it's possible for someone to find out your password even by a brute force attack, in trial and error.

In addition, any system failures, careless administrators, or an invasion of the site may reveal your password. As happens from time to time!

A quick research and you will find many cases of password leaks from many different sites.

This would allow someone to discover your login to various other sites and compromise your data and your security.

There are some guidelines you can follow, such as using a secure password.

Weak or strong password?

But what's a secure password?

It's a long password (greater than 8 characters), it shouldn't be written and shouldn't be linked to your personal data, such as name or birth date.

Additionally, it should be changed frequently.

And, more importantly, it shouldn't be repeated and used in several different places.

Admit it, this isn't an easy or a simple rule to be followed.

There are also many sites and programs, self-label secure, for you to store all your logins and passwords.

It sounds like a great idea, but what if someone invades this site or program? Or if someone finds out your password to enter this site?

All your passwords and where they are used would be totally exposed to the attacker.

This is a false sense of security.

Totally FREE!

So, here it's presented a small algorithm, done in JavaScript, that tries to solve this problem in another way.

And totally free!

JavaScript is a programming language that's executed within your browser, be it Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge etc. Even on the mobile phone.

Therefore you don't need to send any data to the internet, everything works on your computer browser.

Thus nothing is stored or transmitted over the internet, even running perfectly disconnected if you save this file on your computer.

Here you don't need to register, you don't have to identify yourself, you don't need to use any personal data or any information that can be used to identify you.

Consequently, it becomes impossible to connect the generated passwords to you! It's simply not possible to know who you are or find out your login from nowhere.

You also don't need to memorize anything, just a single private master password that will not be used anywhere.

With this private master password and a description of the use, you can generate numerous strong and secure passwords, unique to each site or use.

Thus you can keep your master password secure and private with you and not use it anywhere, just to generate the other passwords here. Thus, making use of secure and individual passwords for each specific website.

Yeah! That's awesome!

It's the end of weak passwords, the end of memorizing or writing numerous passwords for many uses, or even using a single password in several places.

Using this algorithm, you will only need to memorize a master password to generate countless secure passwords for every use that's needed.

It's almost impossible for someone to break your login or discover your master password through the generated password, since it has no standardized order.

So if you want to make the task of having strong and secure passwords easier, come back here and generate a new one for each use.

No need to memorize or write down, whenever you need that same password just come back here and generate it again using the same settings as when you created it.

As long as the settings and master password are the same, the password generated will always be the same: secure, unique and individual for that use.

It's the end of having trouble to manage multiple secure and strong passwords!

Tip: In the description of use place the name of the site or where you will use the password followed by the current year, such as: Facebook 201X, e-mail 201X etc ...

So every year you can change your password, renewing security and always having strong, safe, unique and individual passwords for each use.

Note: When using this program nothing is passed to the internet, neither the server nor anyone receives any of your data or passwords, no information leaves your computer.

In fact, you can even save this page and use it offline without any problem. Save it on your USB stick to keep it with you, or return to this site to generate the password whenever you need.

Remember to always use the same version of this algorithm, or else it will give different passwords.


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